Unto the mighty Populous of Stierbach do Her Excellency Karin and I, Baron Saphir, send warm greetings!





Fri., July 19, 2019:

As most of us are packing, dreaming and wishing for a wonderful PENNSIC 48, below are some Dates (partial listing) to remember as we draw nearer to departure:
Sat., 27 July: first date one can be on site…
Sat., 3 Aug: St. Sebastian’s Shoot (archery range/sponsored by Atlantian Archery Community)…
Sat., 3 Aug: 6PM Pennsic 48 Opening Ceremonies.* Please join us as we process as a Barony. Banners, flags, Baronial colors, households, families, groups….all of us!! Let’s make a showing for Stierbach, TRM, TRH…


Mon., 5 Aug: 7PM Baronial Court* followed immediately by the Annual Open House & Ice Cream Social! Karin and I are providing ice cream and sherbet and you all can provide additional toppings and/or desserts to share!
Tues., 6 Aug: TRM's plan on placing one of our own, Baroness Aine Chuimin, on vigil to contemplate becoming a Companion of the Order of the Laurel, Vigil: in Atlantian Royal 7pm - 10pm
Wed., 7 Aug: 6PM ROYAL COURT* at the Great Hall.
*If there is anyone interested in retaining for either of us, there are a couple of moments/times that we would be honored to share with you. Please let us know when you may be available! 1-2 hours at most, and its both fun and educational!
Of course, for those not attending, you will be missed, but I am sure your lives are busy and filled with all sorts of other enjoyable things to both do and see as well!!
So to all, Safe travels, to and fro!
YIS to the Dream, The Kingdom, and you, the Barony.
Saphir & Karin

Wed., June 12. 2019:

Pennsic is coming!!

Camping with the Barony?
Need to pre-reg paid, as only a paid reg counts towards the land allotment! Last day to Pre-reg paid is June 19 (https://www.cooperslake.com/prereg/account/index.php) making sure to request "Barony of Stierbach" as your camp.
Then, be sure to get Lord Allen of Wolfhou Allen Miller, the Barony's land agent, your tent info (size, mundane or canvas, etc.).



Sun., Apr 7, 2019:

Unto the Barony does Saphir send greetings! Karin and I returned from Coronation around 3AM Sunday morning (mundane work schedules and all), so made for a short stay, but what a wonderful Coronation it was!!

 Congratulations to TRM Christoph & Adelhait, King & Queen of Atlantia. Thank you Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer & Duchess Lynette Semere (Jynette Mead) for your thoughtful & Caring service. Congratulations to all who were recognized and awarded! It was heart warming to see some of Stierbach who attended smiling, laughing together, wearing some of your finest, and sharing in the festivities. And to the hosting staff, Congratulations on throwing a wonderful Party! Yes, what a wonderful time,for All!

May all have safe travels as you return home! Vivat Atlantia!!


Saphir & Karin, Baron & Baroness, Stierbach


We hope everyone had a joyous and safe Holiday season! We hope you took some time to settle down with friends, the family, and loved ones. Shared a song, a story, or even a warm drink and a fire as we slowed down a bit to take in the year gone past! Well now, it's FEBRUARY!!!

Be sure you get a chance to check out the new feature in the newsletter, The Bull, as Lady Isobel and I have installed "Spotlight: Get To Know Your Barony!" We hope to have this feature every month, profiling one of you!! We've arranged 15-20 questions but you'll only need to respond to 3-5 of your choosing, as if in an interview! Here's a short bit of February's Spotlight:

Name: Dietrich Saphir zum Draché, Baron of Stierbach

Blazen: Per bend gules and azure, a sheaf of arrows argent, surmounted by a dragon breathing flames, a border Or.

What’s in a name? Your name?

For me when I started playing I sort of had already envisioned what my name would be. At that

time I was dating Karin so I wasn’t unfamiliar with some of the SCA. I hadn’t gone to any

heraldic classes or even had the chance to talk with a Herald and was only using the one name,

Saphir. Then one day, all that changed when someone suggested I seek assistance. So, I

always had an attraction to German/y since taking 4.5 yrs of German in school, and in a search

realized that the blue sapphire ring I always wore that my dad had given me was also to play a

part. The COH’s explained that I would not be able house it as a first name, but Saphir was

actually a usable surname! In german the surname was (or closely related to) the job one might

of had. Saphir was a german word for sapphire, which implied jeweler, or one who has a

connection to jewelry. Then another search revealed brewing. A closer look found that saphir

(same spelling) is a German hops! That’s the connection! Jewelry, yes I wear a lot. Check.

Beer, I love hoppy beers! Double Check! All that was left was to find a first name and maybe a

location, hence Dietrich Saphir zum Draché was born...(and passed by the COH!!).

[see the full "Spotlight..." on page 3, The Bull 2/2019]

The days are getting longer and warmer! Which means outside activities are returning and the Barony's activity schedules start to grow and grow! One of the things Her Excellency and I are looking forward to, is the return of a Stierbach Populace Day! A day between late April and before Pennsic. We hope to have a potluck, games, conversations, classes, bardic, marshalate activities, and what ever the populace wants to do. All together!  Looking for an available day and location as we speak!

As this new year has been short, it has already seen Karin and I at several events.  We'd like to know what events you are planning to attend. It helps us know which populace tent/dayshade is most appropriate, in order to rightly represent the Barony and its presence! In addition, don't forget to check the Baronial Progress for the events We will be traveling to.  We love seeing Stierbachie present, both near and far.

Also, We are always looking for Award Recommendations! Both Baronial & Kingdom level awards. Anyone can send in a recommendation. Go to the kingdom website http://www.atlantia.sca.org/ mouse over Awards, then click on award recommendations. Log in, this will be the same login that you use for the kingdom newsletter, university, etc. Once you have signed in, click on new recommendation and fill out the form. You may have noticed that your Barony has a few new awards! We, with the help of Baroness Arnbjorg, have established new populace and youth awards, because we felt they were missing! More coming soon. Watch the page: Baronial Awards.

If you don't feel comfortable sending in a recommendation to the Kingdom, it can be sent through Karin or me. Remember the only way the King and Queen know about the wonderful deserving people of our Barony is if we let them know.

One last note: Volunteer! Your Barony has a need for Deputies! If you have some free time and can possibly make one meeting a month, have a desire to help out, support your Officer’s (or even become one!), send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See your Officers and vacancies here: http://www.stierbach.org/index.php/contacts

Registering online for Stierbach Camp at PENNSIC 48 is available !!  This year the Land Agent is Lord Allen of Wolfhou! Be sure to get him your tent info as well as # attending. Thank you Lord Allen!!  

Until next time, be safe out there!

Saphir & Karin,
Baron & Baroness, Stierbach
#baronialpride    www.stierbach.org