Stierbach Baronial Birthday and Investiture

The Vikings are coming! German mercenaries are coming! No Vikings, no….no….you choose! Come welcome the new Baron and Baroness of Stierbach in a fun filled day and show off you love of either the Viking Culture, the German Landknechte Culture, or both! Awards given in all disciplines for the “winning” group and a special prize will be awarded by a secret judge for the participant showing off their chosen culture the best.   After spending the day welcoming the new Baron and Baroness and playing, a feast will be given in honor of the new Baron and Baroness and the attending Royalty. Seating will be limited so preregistration is encouraged.


Troll Opens______________________________________8:30,  Hall


MOL Opens;Authorizations;Inspections________________9:00-10:00, Fields


A&S Drop off____________________________________9:00-10:00, Hall


Great Court_____________________________________10:00-11:30, Fields


Marshall Activities Begin___________________________11:30-12:00, Fields


PrePaid Bag Lunch Service_________________________12:00-1:00, Hall


Newcomers Walk About____________________________1:00, Gold Key


A&S Class:  Fleece: You bought it, now what___________12:00-1:00                

Lady Freug the Herbalist.___________________________Outside under her pavilion


A&S Class: Viking Wire Weaving_____________________12:00-1:00

Lady Arnbjorg____________________________________Hall


A&S Class: Fleeces from our Scadian history___________1:00-2:00                      

Lady Freug the Herbalist.___________________________Outside under her pavilion


A&S Class:  "What's that hat" and how do I say Hi! Basic SCA etiquette__1:00-2:00.  

Baroness Aine ingen Chuimin________________________ Hall


A&S Class: Grease in fleece: the debate continues________2:00-3:00

Lady Freug the Herbalist.____________________________Outside under her pavilion


A&S Class:  Braid Weights___________________________2:00-3:00

Baroness Tatiana Ivanovna___________________________Hall


A&S Pick up______________________________________4:00-4:30, Hall


Troll Closes_______________________________________3:30, Hall


Court____________________________________________5:30-6:30, Hall


Feast___________________________________________7:00-9:00, Hall


Site closes_______________________________________9:30


Clean up_________________________________________9:00-10:30