Marshall in Charge: Marinia Wymarc


9:00 AM - MOL opens, field opens for inspections, authorizations, and pickups.


Morning - Fun Box Melee


-May be truncated to Valhalla melee depending on how many fighters show up.-

Two sides. One flag. Capture the point. Whoever defends the point the most within the time limit wins. You know how this works.

When you die, consult the Wheel of Mortality. It will determine the form you bring back in when you rez. About half of the results are “normal” forms which pretend to make sense. Half of the wheel is simply labeled “Fun Box.” If you land on this, you are permitted one sword, and the first thing you pull out of the Fun Box. Most of these will be silly soft parries, along the lines of the legendary rubber chicken, or a certain plushie muffin. A select few will, in addition to giving you a parry device, grant you a special condition which will change how you can fight, and how you can die. A fighter may always choose to forgo the Wheel and Fun Box entirely and fight single sword.

Precise time limits, scoring scheme, and number of iterations will be adjusted according to number of fighters.


11 AM - Break for lunch


~1 hr - C&T tourney run by Sanada Akime, details to be announced.


Afternoon - Reverse Progression Bearpit


3 consecutive bearpits. All fighters start in the blue pit. All fighters must use the form assigned to their current pit. Marshals may allow exceptions.

Blue Pit: Sword and offensive parry. Loaner offensive secondaries will be on hand. As it were. Win in this pit, gain one (1) point, progress to yellow pit.

Yellow Pit: Sword and defensive parry. Loaner defensive parries will be offered. Win in this pit, gain two (2) points, progress to white pit. Lose in this pit, return to blue pit.

White Pit: Single sword. Loaner swords may be offered, but only tip-first. Win in this pit, gain three (3) points, remain in the pit. Wounds retained, no round limit. Lose in this pit, return to blue pit.

A prize will be awarded to the fighter who amasses the most points.