Overall Marshal in Charge:Lord Erich von Klienfeld

Marshal in Charge: Lady Sanada Akime


10:00 Site opens

10:30 MoL Opens  Inspections/Auths 
If you or someone from your practice is planning to authorize please let me know. Also if you are willing to marshal a tournament or two, the help would be appreciated.  
11:30 C&T Roundrobin 
There will be four pools. Single, sword and offensive, sword and defensive, and a bring your best.  The winner of each pool will progress to the finals, using the form of the pool they won. Fights will be best 2/3. Due to the format there will not be twohanders.
12:30 Speed bear pit – 
From “lay on” you have a time limit to kill your opponent.  If no one is dead at the end of the time limit, no one wins and both fighters rejoin the line.  Winner stays in up to three fights.  These are all single passes. Double kills will not be refought.   The first half hour will be 30 seconds, the second will be 20.  The top 8 will progress to a 30 min finals with a continually changing time limit. 
12:30-1 Lunch 
The Shire of Roxbury Mills is doing a fund raising lunch. 
2 pm- Coin tournament-
Challenge your friends to fight.  The loser pays a winner a coin.  As long as you have coins you have lives. You may challenge up Academie rakings, but may only challenge down one rank.  Best two out of three. Double kills will be refought once.  You may talk to your opponent and impose additional restrictions, just let the marshal know.   The marshals will have coins they can choose to give the fighters if they see something they consider worth rewarding.  Maestra Caitilín has agreed to reopen the bank to fund fighters for a price.  Scholars/ no scarves start with 10, Free Scholars/ Sea Dragons start with 7, White Scarves start with 5, and MoDs start with 3 coins.
3:30- Rapier and C&T pickups
4:30 Field closes
5:00 Evening court