Marshal in Charge: Lady Sanada Akime



11:30 - An introduction to Cut and Thrust (From dall’Agocchie’s 1572 sidesword manual) - Master Aeron Harper


12:30 - Prizes 

White Scarf- Jacques Gonse

Free Scholar- Farthegn Keldansson


1:30 - Marco Docciolini’s Treatise on the Subject of Fencing -- Provost Ishmael Stedfast Reed & Lord Nicolo Santorio - Docciolini published his manual in 1601, and serves as a transitional manual between the 16th c. sidesword manuals in the Bolognese tradition and the post-1600 rapier manuals of Capoferro, Fabris, etc. In this class, Ishmael and Nicolo will review the most interesting points Docciolini makes in his manual, as well as lead students through the central footwork, guards, and plays of Doccioli’s single sword section. If there is sufficient interest, Ishmael and Nicolo are available after the class ends to continue discussing Docciolini’s guards and plays for the rapier & dagger, cloak, buckler, case, and other weapons forms. 

2:30 - Italian Longsword for SCA Combat - Master Llwyd Aldrydd - Basics of Fiore’s longsword techniques with some sample plays from the longsword, sword in one hand, and sword in armor sections of his 1409 manual. Focus will be on plays that are legal for SCA rulesets. No armor required, loaner waster swords will be available.


3:30 Getting into fights: thoughts on how to approach the first few seconds of an exchange (from the Northern Italian perspective) - Master Aeron Harper

Field 2 - Open for Authorisations and Pickups all day. 



4:30 Fields Close