Over all Marshal in Charge: Lord James of Carinthia


Heavy MIC: Lord James of Carinthia


 There will be a Heavy Weapons Bedford points Tournament  Starting at 11:00am


Fighters attending Holiday Faire, please pay heed!!!!
For fighters attending Holiday Fair this weekend, we do have online MOL table sign-in prior to the event. Simply go to https://authorizations.mol.atlantia.sca.org/, sign in, click on the "NEW! Online event check-in" link, and then choose Holiday Faire as the event. Please keep in mind that you will still need to show your fighter card at the table, but signing-in prior to the event will make things faster and safer for everyone. Thank you!
Lady Damiana Morena, MOL-IC for Holiday Faire


 Rebated Steel Combat:

Run by Master Alric the Mad.  There will be a Tournament if enough combatants register.  If not there will be a demonstration, practice and maybe authorizations.